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Hello Hotjar!

After looking over your landing page for a few minutes, I noticed some immediate opportunities for possible conversion boosts and customer delighting that I wanted to let you know about. These are just my initial observations, nothing deep or all-encompassing.

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I get this question from people a lot. In fact, I just got it today. So I wanted to show you what was in the email I just sent my friend who works in the 9 to 5 grind and wants to break free to taste freedom. Sweet, sweet, freedom.

So, aspiring freelance copywriter – here’s the quick and dirty laundry list of what you should do to get started, taken verbatim from an email I just sent:

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Hey there Mr. or Mrs. Freelancer!

If you’re looking for a proposal + contract template to send to clients, look no further. I created a two-in-one document that you can send to clients as a proposal that also doubles as a contract. Simple. Unique. Not confusing.

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